Thursday, November 22, 2007

Proud As Punch

On Monday Coby had his 2 year development check at the health centre. He now weighs 28lbs (about 2 stone) and is 82cm tall!! The health visitor was very impressed with his skills and development and said he was above average! Hoorah!

And even better was parents evening at his nursery last night. We were told that Coby is delightful to have around, very sociable and loving and his communication skills are very strong. His nickname at nursery is Happy Chappie! Al and I had no idea that the nursery keep an observation record for each child's session - we were presented with a folder full of Coby's. Here are some extracts:

Observation: Coby holds 2 magnetic bricks together which he has made into a car. he walks across the room and says 'car'. Coby then picks up a Bill & Ben toy and says 'Ben'. He runs over to a member of staff (Vicky) and shouts 'Icky, Icky' and then gives her a cuddle saying 'awww'. He then sits and says 'Bill, Ben' over and over. Coby runs over to the abacus and begins pushing the beads around the wire.

Evaluation: Coby's vocal and language skills are coming along very well. He is very chatty with the adults. Coby is very good at expressing his feelings and is very special to others. Keep encourging this and he will develop further. Coby is confident in all he does and he is able to make friendships with other children.

These reports are held at the nursery and presented to Ofsted inspectors as well as samples of each child's work. We were very impressed. We love his nursery and hope he can stay there unitl he starts primary school. Best of all, Coby is happy there and they are disappointed that he only comes one day a week!

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