Friday, November 16, 2007


Can you believe Coby is 2 years old today?? We certainly can't, but the onset of those much talked about 'Terrible Two's' is confirmation enough that Coby is leaving behind those baby months and entering into toddlerhood. His vocabulary is really coming along now as is his desire to have everything he wants and do everything himself. Tantrums are in abundance and the word 'NO' can be heard quite frequently from his little lips.

We kicked off Coby's birthday with a grand card and present opening. Thank you to everyone for your generous gifts - Coby truly was spoilt beyond belief. Grandma Wendy arrived around lunch time with a Thomas the Tank Engine train set which I had tremendous fun putting together. Coby loved it and stroked the battery operated trains as they whizzed around the track. After a lovely lunch at Cafe Rouge in Hitchin, we went home to wait the arrival of Uncle Martin and Great Aunt June who came over especially to see Coby.

Coby opens the first of his sack load of cards!

And then came presents!

What to play with next?

Thomas the Tank Engine goodies

A kiss for grandma Wendy

Lunch at Cafe Rouge

With great auntie June

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