Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Big Day

Al and I found it incredible and a very good measure of how time really does fly, when we took pictures of Coby on his first day at school for this blog. We started diarising Coby's journey from birth on a whim. I thought it would be a great way to pass the final stages of maternity leave and, in the long term of course, an even greater way for distant friends and relatives to see Coby's development.

Now, here we are, Coby's first day at school. A four year old ready to learn and meet new friends. Emotions were high, even though his first week would consist of afternoons only. I hid behind large sun glasses, tears pouring down my cheeks as Al and I walked away and left him for a mere two and a half hours. I guess, like most parents, the overwhelming emotion is pride, seeing how smart they look in their little uniforms, new shoes, book bag, haircut. And a realisation, that their baby and toddler years are gone. Those years of total dependancy, learning to crawl, walk, talk, recognise colours and shapes, numbers and letters. And now....reading, writing, social skills, knowledge of the bigger world, telling the time, maths, science and....independance. One day, they say thanks mum and dad, but I'm ready now, I'm ok. All we want for our children is for them to feel loved, be nourished and healthy and generally be ok and have a happy life. My Coby is going to be ok.....

Suited & booted

About to leave

Some words of wisdom from daddy

Home Time!

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