Thursday, July 12, 2007

Coby & Yoya

Bless my pal Michaela for looking after Coby for a couple of hours today while I went off to work. Coby and Lola had a lot of fun together, playing, eating, watching TV and cuddling. Lola is way ahead with her speech now and this morning it was "Coby this" and "Coby that". Michaela has been trying to teach her to say her own name and success finally arrived today after picking up from Coby. It sounds more like Yoya, but very cute. Speaking of cute, when we ask Coby "Who's a cutie pie?" his response is "ME"......

"I'm a cutie pie!"

"No, I'm a cutie pie"

"I want to stay here with Lola"

"Bye bye Coby"

Photos nicked, I mean borrowed from Lola's blog

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