Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oliver's Return

Oliver may be enjoying the sun and sea at his new home in the South of France, but you can't beat rainy, windy England for catching up with friends. After weeks away, Vicky and Olly have returned for good and not so good reasons. It was a happy occasion this afternoon when we took the kids along to Van Hage Garden Centre in Ware and had a lovely reunion with them. As well as myself and Coby, there was Maddy, Louis, Angela, Alicia and our new addition, baby Samuel. We had lunch in the restaurant before letting the kids loose in the gift store. Unfortunately, Vicky has returned because Olly is due to have open heart surgery on Monday to repair two holes in his heart. He will be in intensive care for 48 hours and then will spend a further two weeks in hospital recovering. Vicky tells us that there is a specialist heart centre in Monte Carlo, a 40 minute journey from their home in Cannes. Vicky and Simon are considering taking Olly there after he leaves hospital in London, so his recovery will no doubt be aided very hastily by some beautiful, bright and very warm sunshine. In the meantime, they will be living in accommodation near to the hospital in Chelsea for the next fortnight.

Our thoughts will be with you guys!

All that French living has bleached Olly's hair!

And he's turned into a very cheeky chappy

He wore Louis out....

...and Coby!

Good luck Olly!

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