Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brown Eyed Boy

It's been a fair while since I posted an update on Coby...and here is the result.....he's amazing!
He will be two and a half on 16th May and firstly we are very proud to report that Coby no longer has a dummy!! He has been without them for over a week now and although he still asks for them, we just remind him that the fairies have got them and he can't have them now he is a big boy, to which he replies, "yes, fairies got dummy - ok". The main thing is that he goes to sleep without one, although we have had a couple of tricky nights, but I think we've cracked it this time, our third attempt!

Coby loves naming everyone that he knows, mainly grandad, nanny, Tony, grandma, Justin, Stacey, mummy and daddy. Or more to the point "my grandad, my nanny etc". His favourite expression at the moment is announcing his name very proudly to all who will listen! He swaggers into nursery in the morning, bursting with confidence and announces his arrival "Helllloooo, I'm Coby Tepper"
He also enjoys having 'conversations' on the phone - "hello, I'm Coby, how are you? yes, I'm fine, ok, bye". He is excellent at naming colours, shapes and characters. His counting is not too hot, he says the numbers in a Coby kind of fashion and he is a long way yet from reciting the alphabet, but judging by the surprises he gives us every day with new learned words and expressions, I expect he will come home from nursery one day and reel off his ABC just like that!

Coby is a thinker, dreamer and an old soul who, both Al & I feel, has a lot to teach everybody. He loves to sing, loves the outdoors, loves socialising, but also playing on his own. He loves books, loves his familiar characters, particularly Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, his favourite film - ever! He loves his family and friends, especially Louis, he loves tickling, hide and seek and being chased. He loves rabbits and sheep and can do the best imitation of an elephant!

We love Coby!


sally said...

Coby looks adorable!your very lucky parents.That cheered up my day.thanks Al.
Sally @ Grow Your Own Mag

Monia said...

Hey Coby! I was just reviewing your profile and I am delighted to see how well you are doing! I am sure the alphabet recitation is just a blink away. I also spoke with the fairies and they confirm that all is well with your pals :)

Take care SJ and Al - thinking of you!