Saturday, April 26, 2008

Toddle Waddle

So, here is Coby yesterday just before we took him to see the dentist. He seemed quite keen to be going and kept saying "I go dentist" and "my teeth". He was very well behaved in the surgery and made friends with a lovely little girl and her daddy. The dentist's verdict was better than expected. He agreed that Coby had taken quite a knock to his teeth and worst case scenario is that he may have damaged the nerve and killed the tooth, but we won't know unless the tooth becomes discoloured and as its his baby teeth, it won't matter as it will just drop out and be replaced by his adult teeth. So all we can do is hope that they correct themselves over time.

As soon as we left the dentist, I raced to work and daddy took Coby to nursery where they were eagerly awaiting news of the verdict. I have to say that Coby's nursery have been wonderful and have shown a tremendous amount of love and care for Coby. One of his key workers, Kirsty, told us that she couldn't stop thinking of him on the day of the accident and tears welled up in her eyes when she saw us arrive and burst into tears. And both the nursery manager and another key worker, Sam, have called us several times to see how he is.

Anyway, Coby's afternoon at nursery was very important as he took part in a sponsored Toddle Waddle for the Meningitis Trust. All of the kids and staff wore yellow, hence Coby's stripey trousers in the pictures. He also wore a yellow t-shirt. The Trust encourage under 5's to promote awareness of meningitis and this is their 9th Waddle raising nearly £2 million in the process. The kids all got individual certificates and a sticker and a balloon, which, Coby spent the rest of his evening playing with!

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