Sunday, April 27, 2008

You Are My Sunshine

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine on Saturday, I blitzed the garden, mowing the lawn and pulling up some weeds. In the afternoon we took a stroll around Hitchin where Coby and I had a giggle on the bouncy castle in the market square. Al and I treated him to a bubble machine and some books and we sat and lazed in the sun, sipping coffee and munching on cakes...

And on Sunday, we grabbed the last of the rays of sun and played in the garden. We seem to have acquired a resident male pheasant. He keeps turning up, usually in the evenings and today he settled in the pine tree making horrendous noises. Coby kept asking "what's that noise?" and when I lifted him up to the window to show him the pheasant, he exclaimed "oh no - he's stuck in tree - help him mummy!"

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Mark said...

Glad to see the Spurs shirt still fits!!! The new one comes out in May so I'll be checking on which size he needs.... :o)

So happy that his little teeth aren't causing too much of a problem and the little man is back to his best again. Speak soon, Uncle M. x x x x x