Saturday, April 19, 2008

Coby's Little Accident

We've had a rather traumatic couple of days after Coby fell at nursery on Thursday afternoon and injured his mouth. He banged his teeth on a table and, unfortunately, has caused a little bit of damage to them. Nursery did a fantastic job of looking after Coby while Al and I rushed across town to get to him. Then we made a frantic dash to hospital so Coby could be assessed in A&E. The paediatrician consulted the facial maxillary department and they decided that because his baby teeth would grow through he could go home but we would need to consult a dentist as soon as possible. On Friday we managed to get an emergency appointment at the dentist and she thought Coby should have been sent home from hospital with antibiotics. She prescribed some for him and we need to take him back next Friday when the swelling has subsided so she can take x-rays and assess what may or may not need to be done!

Generally, Coby seems well. He has no temperature and, much to our surprise, slept through the night on Thursday and last night too. His appetite is fine, however, he is unable to eat anything solid, so its been back to Stage 1 baby food, mashed banana and smoothies. He is playing as normal and watching his favourite films. It has to be said though that he has been functioning 'as normal' while dosed up with Calpol, Nurofen and antibiotics. When the medicine wears off, he is a grumpy little thing, but obviously in a lot of discomfort.

With regards to the inside of his mouth, it does look as though he may have lost a tooth and a couple of others have been knocked out of alignment, but its hard to establish exactly what is going on due to swelling and congealed blood, his bottom teeth are still beautiful and we're pretty confident that his adult teeth won't be affected - we'll keep you posted.

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