Saturday, April 19, 2008

Coby & Louis Again!

Maddy invited Coby and I for tea recently. I picked Coby up from nursery after work and we headed over with Coby repeatedly asking 'Maddy Louis house mummy?". When we arrived, Maddy also said that Louis had been asking for Coby and Jane all day long!

The terrible twosome got to work on the train set and, as suspected, Coby glimpsed Louis' Bob the Builder bike in the kitchen and was off like a shot. Even though it belongs to Louis, Coby is a little bit precious about this bike and as you will see from the video below, it only has room for one...

Teatime: Louis pinches Coby's toast and marmite!

Bathtime: Coby sprays Louis with water

Bedtime: "Quick Louis, hide!"

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