Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another week passes...

Well another week in the pleasurable company of the delightful Coby Zephyr has passed and much mirth has ensued...a few nuggets for you this week:

When we went swimming it was much easier this time and we just basically flung him in and got him wet and dunked, painful but it meant he got stuck in quicker. He gets scared some times and is quick to cling on...especially when the wave machine kicked in. Yes, I said wave machine.

Coby's response to the waves was: Wicked waves Dad! - not much makes me smile in life more than him saying something cute like that :)

Towards the end we were walking back to the towels and Coby dived at the Swan Slide and we could not drag him off. He was fearless. No wings needed. He loved it!

Tonight as I put him to bed he was stroking my beard and gazing in to my eyes, he drifted off towards sleepy town stroking my bread and chuckling...nice!

Over-dramatised phrase of the week: 'I NEEEEEED pink milk' aka strawberry milk, oh the humanity!

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