Monday, January 19, 2009

The F Word

What a week its been...

Luckily for us Coby has become attached, in a security blanket kind of way, to his muslin cloths that he has been familiar with since birth, the cloths have come and gone of course, but as they are all identical, one is much the same as any other. This means two key things: we can never lose Muzz as he calls them and we can never run out. Perfect scenario!

Coby has a few toys, so much so I am thinking of giving some of the lesser used ones away to various good causes. But here are his Fave5 (in reverse order of Coby's need to have it with him at all times) that we will not be giving away, no matter what:

5) His stuffed soft girl (very important point that Coby will not let anyway forget) rabbit, Willa
=3) His Woody toy
=3) His Buzz Lightyear toy
2) His Lego Mac from Cars (which also contains a Lego Lightning McQueen)

and his #1 toy that he will not be parted from is...

1) His Wall-E action figure - great film!

We all went Swimming today and it was great fun. Well, when we finally got Cobes in the pool that is. 15 minutes to get him changed. 15 minutes to get him in the pool. 60 minutes to get him to leave once he started loving it. Will go every week now but he will be a good little swimmer we reckon.

Saved the best for last. Coby utters many amusing phrases but the phrase of the week this time has to be when he dropped something (I think he dropped something, anyway, something went wrong somehow) and Coby exclaimed Ohhhh, Fffffffffffffor Gods Sake. As you can imagine we'll take a For over other potential F words anyday ;)

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