Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pond Dipping: Attempt No.1

SATURDAY! For our little brood it means a lie-in and a lazy morning followed by whatever the hell we like. Today, armed with a pond dipping kit that Al bought Coby for his birthday, we walked the mile and a half to the back of Standalone Farm where there is a stream and a neighbouring sewage works! We realised when we arrived that the stream is not even remotely accessible, so our attempt to capture pond life was thwarted - a big shame. Instead, Coby enjoyed throwing in some sticks on one side of the bridge and watching them drift upstream on the other side. The wind was chilly though and our tummys started to rumble so we headed home for tea and toasted muffins.

Lets go!

Coby spots a rabbit warren

Are we there yet?

Homeward bound

Coby actually asleep on his bike!

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