Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wiggle all the way

Another week has flown by and life has seemed to settle back in to the normal routine of Coby being at Granny's early in the week followed by being back at home and at PreSchool for the last half.

Coby & I invented a new game on saturday whilst generally wrestling and tickling on the couch. It's called WUNGY DINGY and involves me placing a cup over my hand and stretching it out so that Cobes has to clambour over me and stretch to grab it. He is rewarded by some of the most pee-inducing tickling known to man :)

Yesterday our cousin Ariel visited from Israel with Granny Wendy and we all went for a spot of lunch.

Today I took Coby to watch The Wiggles at the cinema. Quite amusing to be honest and Coby seemed to get into the swing of things.

We then headed back to Simone & Anthony's house to play with Jacob and have some grub, watch a movie and generally play with toys.

Finally we headed to Granny's for his weekly visit with her and by the time we arrived he was fast asleep and looking as angelic as ever.

Yeah right! Don't let him fool ya :)

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