Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blue is the colour

As most of you are probably aware Mr T and I are fans of Tottenham Hotspur, so naturally it would follow that Coby's favoured colour is also blue. Here we have him modelling the latest design from the Early Spurs collection as bought for him by Uncle Mark, who cannot wait to take him onto the terraces at White Hart Lane. Obviously he has a few years to wait before Coby is old enough to shout "We love you Tottenham we do". In the meantime, we have our hands full keeping the Arsenal fans in the family away from Coby's influence (boo hiss those of you who bought him the Arsenal Teddy).

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grandad lou said...

I am in hospital right now and my son, coby's dad, has shown me this.

coby is too young to know better but I am confident that he will grow up with the sense his parents clearly do not have.

I bought coby the arsenal bear and I stand by the bear.

red is the colour coby.


grandad lou