Sunday, December 04, 2005

Poo position

I just learnt something invaluable about parenting. Be creative, think outside the box and NEVER give up.

Man I felt like I had entered a special level of hell. Coby woke up (Babe, is it...Yep) 20 mins ago grizzlin' which escalated to the full lung quickly.

I took him to the spare room to feed etc. Would not settle on the bottle much and realised he was passing a stool (what a great expression eh?). Actually by the sound of it he was passing an entire Ikea store...even the plants and swedish meatballs!!! At one point I even jokingly asked him if he was giving birth??? Got a dirty look from him for that.

After a few minutes the screams had escalated even beyond a full lung to something like a civil warning (perhaps the Russians really WERE coming??? maybe he COULD hear the bombers??? checked the sign...phew...removed protective tin foil helmet).

Could not feed, could not soothe, could not stop him waking Hertfordshire. ARGH!

Lightbulb moment!

Instead of sitting him on lap in the feeding position I turned him to hold him horizontally in my arms.

Success. Not hungry. Not screaming. Sleeping. For now.

Clearly he prefers to poo on his side. Not on his back or sitting up. Brilliant. Will get onto the council tomorrow to see if horizontal toilets are eligible for a grant.

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