Tuesday, December 06, 2005

POPS: The sick truth about MILK

Tonight on POPS (brought to you by the Coby News Network) we bring you a disturbing report. We show you the tragic face of milk addiction. We have exclusive footage before, during and after an addict gets their fix.

Produced in the milk fields of Sainsbury's this dangerous drug is most commonly purchased in carton form (although we hear that tubs of powder will soon be available). 59p a carton might not seem a lot to you and I but to a baby it's a fortune and they will stop at nothing to satisfy their twisted craving.

WARNING: Some of our viewers may find these images cute.

The truth is ugly and just before a baby gets his or her fix they writhe and distort such is the anguish. In this pose we see a baby threatening the reporter with some kind of martial arts move unless they hand over their milk stash.

At a certain point during the 'feeding' the baby becomes aggressive and lashes out until they are placed in the position below. Apparently when they take the milk air gets trapped and they have to be winded.

That image was hard to capture and an undercover POP was nearly killed in the process.

Finally peace is restored (see below) and the baby is becalmed. For now. Until their sick milk habit once again forces them to kick and scream until someone gives them their next hit.

Milk IS a drug and people are being hurt - lives are being ruined and yet still the government does nothing to outlaw this vile substance.

How do POPS deal with this harsh reality? One day at a time!

NEXT WEEK ON POPS: We uncover the sick truth about Nappies. Who makes 'em, who wears 'em and what goes on inside.

Fade to black. Theme tune kicks in.


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