Monday, December 26, 2005

Colic frolic & missed feeds

Coby has got a touch of colic.

Colic is evil. Basically it is like terminal trapped wind! Well, it is terminal for Ma & rest, no settling him. Hell.And it makes his little chubby chin quiver...ahhhhh!

The day after it started the health visitor told us to use Infacol. The infacol seemed to have an effect after a couple of days and those two days were hard work. Feeds took twice as long. Unstoppable screaming more or less after every feed. Murder! Poor Coby.

When the Infacol finally kicked in it was bliss. Anyone got any tips for colic? Ivan, checked your book and is very useful.

Note: If the health visitor tells you to stay on infacol for a couple of weeks unless your guts tell you to stop...just stay on it for two weeks. If the colic stops that means the infacol is working and not that he is cured! Ma & Pa learnt a valuable lesson there for sure.

Then, two nights ago, Coby missed his 2am feed. It was Christmas Eve and he slept from about 10 until about 5...wahoo! He missed one again last night. I think this is the start of him sleeping through more. Seems to be from about 11 until about 4...hooray!

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