Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bunking off in Bath

Over the weekend, Coby's grandad Les and nanna Ann came to look after him. Al and I were in Bath for a summer party courtesy of Natural Collection.

I travelled down to Bath with Tanya, whose partner Leon, works with Al and, strangely enough, used to be my 'work husband' at Caspian. After checking in at the rather charming Apsley House Hotel we headed into Bath for some refreshments. We found a cosy bar with a cocktail lounge vibe called Las Iguanas and relaxed with passion fruit and red cherry and almond caprinias - yummo!

We were picked up from the hotel by coach and driven to The Mill at Rode where we were greeted with glasses of Pimms and a gorgeous outdoor barbeque. Thank you Natural Collection.

Our hotel in Bath - Apsley House

Tanya and Leon

The end of the night looms

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