Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not Nice 'N' Spicy

Today, Coby and I met up with great auntie Toni, who is visiting from Canada. She treated us to lunch at Nando's in the O2 Centre on Finchley Road. We tempted fate by ordering Coby some spicy chicken strips with spicy rice. His meal deal included yogurt and we couldn't help giggle when we noticed Coby's unique way to cool the chicken, by dipping it in the yogurt - butterscotch flavour too - mmmmm!

Afterwards, the three of us drove to the hospital to visit grandma Wendy. She has been on the high dependency unit in intensive care since Saturday, but is improving each day and will be moved to a regular ward very soon. Unfortunately, Coby is unable to go on to the ward to see her, so we took it in 5 minute shifts while the other sat with Coby in the relatives room. He seemed to enjoy cleaning his hands with the gel provided outside the ward and reached up for more on the way out.

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