Thursday, June 21, 2007

Grandma We Love You

Coby and I have spent the last couple of days with nanna Ann and grandad Les in Lincolnshire. We went along to give nanna some moral support through yet another hospital appointment. She is due to start some chemotherapy treatment within the next couple of weeks, but is tackling the prospect with real guts and determination - we're so proud of her.

She was delighted when, in the queue at Tesco yesterday, Coby shouted "nanny" from across the checkout. This is the first time that Coby has addressed her in such a way and she had the biggest smile on her face for the rest of the day.

Nanny entertained us with her fabulous impression of Catherine Tate's grandmother character - hilarious!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Coby, I am sorry to hear that your other grandma Wendy is in hospital, and I hope she gets better very quickly.Your great-aunt Toni will give you a hug from me, and a big hug and kisses from herself. Say Hi to your Mom and Dad and tell Grandma Wendy we look forward to seeing her in Canada in August. Your great-uncle, Ivan