Sunday, June 17, 2007


Coby is 19 months old now! According to our regular newsletter from Baby Centre, here is an idea of what we can expect from him....

"This month, you'll notice that your toddler's powers of observation are getting sharper. He'll laugh at something that's obviously wrong — like calling a giraffe a zebra or calling a brother a sister. And he'll notice when a favourite toy is missing an eye or has lost a patch of fur. His language skills are maturing, too. Although you may understand less than half of what your toddler says, he understands most of the words you use around him. He may also put together pairs of words, like "Me go" or "You put". The best way to encourage his budding speech? Talk to him."

Coby does pay close attention when we speak and tries to mimic us most of the time. The latest addition to his vocabulary is "Simpsons" although his version sounds more like "sinsins". Tonight, however, we had a breakthrough when he very clearly and very precisely said "Bye bye baby" which I was teaching him for no more than 10 minutes. Oh the fun begins!

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Mark said...

Loved the way he was trying to copy you last week when you came to mine Sarah!

Not sure about being called Uncle "Bum" though!!! You'll have to work on the word Mark with him! ;o)