Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tweenies to Tiggy's

This week Coby is moving up at nursery from the Tweenies class to Tiggy's which is from 18 months to 2 years. Each week Coby's key worker fills out details of Coby's day in his little red book. He has been looked after since last October by Sam and Leanne and here are some of their entries, picked at random, that made me smile...

1st December 2006

Today I have played with the teddy links, pop-up toys and stacking bricks. I have also sponge painted a bell, finger painted a reindeer and brush painted a snowman.

Coby refused to have his 3pm sleep and got a bit upset when the other children were having their tea.

19 January 2007

Today I have had lots of fun playing in the big tent with the lego bricks. I was climbing in and out and shouted "boo" when Nathan opened the window. I also said "Tigger" to Leanne.

Tea: Coby ate all his crumpets and yogurt

2nd February 2007

Today I have played with the pop up toys, stacking bricks in the castle, the gloves and musical instruments. I have also been playing in the cooked spaghetti, rubbing it on my tummy.

Tea: Coby ate most of his pitta bread with cheese and all of his greek yogurt

13 April 2007

Today I have had lots of fun playing in the ball pool. I kept throwing the ball to Leanne and then chasing after it when she threw it for me. I have also been giving one our new babies, Isabel, lots of cuddles and saying "aww". I have also played with the duplo, sensory bottles, musical instruments and had lots of fun crawling in and out of the play tunnel.

Tea: ate all of his crumpets and yogurt

20 April 2007

Today I had lots of fun playing in the garden. I went on the see-saw and played with a ball. I had big cuddles with Leanne and Hayley and looked at some story books.

Tea: Coby ate all his macoroni cheese and most of his banana

The girls also make a note of nap times and 'soiled and dirty' nappies, but I thought these were details you didn't really need to know!

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