Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hello World!

Hi folks

Coby here posting my first post on the blog my Mummy and Daddy set up for me. I love them very much and I look forward to meeting you all soon. Am sure we will get along just fine. And if you have a daughter my age...bring her along.

Here are some pictures of me:

This is Daddy feeding me...he is good at this although why he keeps hiding the JD from me I do not know. Naughty Daddy!

After my feed my Mummy or Daddy do something called burping. Basically they lean me forward and pat and rub my back until I make this strange noise. It feels good though. There must be something wrong with me though cos Daddy makes this noise (and others that smell) without anyone burping him. Hmmm...

After a good feed I like nothing more than to settle down to a nice tune...something calming and chilled out. Mummy and Daddy bought me a Baby iPod with cute coloured headphones. Cool eh? I'm gonna rock down to Electric Avenue de dum de dum de dum dum.

Seeing how you have visited my blog I thought I should give you some cute pics of me doing what I do best. So here are a couple of pics of me sleeping which I do very well. Mummy & Daddy say I look like an angel when I sleep. Daddy also calls me the Hertfordshire Horror! Is that good?

Ah...this is my fav of me sleeping...angel indeed!

This is me ready to leave the hospital...I love my little bear outfit with the little ears. Mummy says I have some great outfits to wear including a Santa's Little Helper outfit.

This is me with Mummy at our front door. Yippee we are home. I like the look of this place and look forward to smashing it all up soon. Daddy looks worried. Hee hee.

Ah...peace at first 5 days were spent in the hospital with Mummy so as soon as we got home Mummy & I took a nap together on the couch which made Daddy very happy. He said he had been looking forward to taking this picture for ages.

Last one for now...very cute I think, then again I am biased.

Bye for now...




Mrs Moo said...

Hi Coby, it was great having a long cuddle with you today. I have sent Mummy & Daddy the photos I took of you. Sleep well, Love Aunty Moo & Muncle

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
What a lovely idea (the website) but most inportant what a beautiful baby - well done, hope to see him soon.

"guardian angel" Hmmm I wonder