Friday, November 25, 2005

Meet the grandparents

Today, Coby will meet his Nanna and Grandpa (mummy's parents) for the first time.
Hopefully, weather permitting, they will arrive this evening and everyone is very excited.

Coby was actually born on their 31st wedding anniversary, so he has already earned himself thousands of extra brownie points.

I'm sure there will be some tears and lots of hugs and kisses this weekend as we all spend some quality time together.

Coby also received his very first letter today addressed to him personally. It was from mummy and daddy's good friends Helen and Richard and their daughter Megan who was born on 18th August. They have planted two trees dedicated in Coby's name in Tiny Toes Wood in Northumberland. Mummy and daddy will take him there when he is a bit older. He also received a bear outfit and some reindeer booties from Great auntie Lorraine and auntie Roxann. They are a little big at the moment, but the rate he is feeding, he will fit into them in no time!

Right now, he is sleeping on daddy's chest having had ANOTHER round of milk. He is eating very well and looks like he may be filling out slightly. The health visitor is due on Monday and she will weigh him so we will find out if our little man has put on a few ounces.

Bye for now xx

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