Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Coby's grandpa Lipa (daddy's daddy) is 79 years old today!
He has been a little poorly lately and is spending some time in nursing care so we are all going to visit him later today.

I am going to buy a little cake and some balloons and we are going to give dad his first card from Coby.

It was also auntie Stacey's birthday on Sunday. The lucky girl flew out to Australia yesterday for the trip of a lifetime. She works for a company who sponsor the ITV series 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' and she won a competition. So she has flown out to Brisbane for eight days where she will go behind the scenes of the show and meet the celebrities. I've asked her to bring me back Dec, but she just frowned at me and said the only present she'll be bringing back will be for Coby. Fair enough!

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